Real Haunted Houses

Are you seeking REAL haunted houses to read about? I admit they make interesting research which is why I created this list of haunted houses – a list where the hauntings are real. You’ll find the houses below.

And if you’re experiencing odd things at your how, visit this page to see if your house may be haunted. Also, be sure to read this page to find out everyday things that can make us feel haunted.

Haunted Owens-Thomas House
Haunted Owens-Thomas House, Savannah, GA

The Real Haunted Houses #1: Destrehan Plantation

Destrehan, LA – One of the most well-known of real haunted houses and like most American plantations, this is a place with extensive history and many ghosts. It lies along the Mississippi River not far from New Orleans.  It housed its share of slaves and a long line of owners along which title changed hands numerous times.  Built in the 1700s, the house fell under Union control during the Civil War. Vandals stripped it of its valuables throughout the 1900s. A lot of life transpired at this plantation–aside from the slavery experiences–which contribute to its haunted state.  You can take a tour yourself to see if you can spot the ghosts here.  More…

Raynham Hall

Norfolk, England – Another of the real haunted houses is the location of one of the most famous ghosts in the world, the Brown Lady. She’s believed to be Lady Dorothy Townshend and her image was captured on film in 1936. Her picture is a world-renown ghost photo portrayed by a misty form descending a massive wooden staircase.  Rumors say, that after marriage, her husband discovered Lady Townshend cavorting with another man prior to their betrothal.  He didn’t like that and kept her locked in an apartment in the hall. She’s haunted it through time, sometimes smiling and sometimes carrying a light or lantern.  More…

Newstead Abbey

Nottinghamshire, England – The ghost here is the Black Friar, harbinger of bad luck. The White Lady–the ghost of Sophia Hyett, daughter of a bookseller–pined over Lord Byron. He was a poet and owner of the house. A Newfoundland dog also haunts the place. Little Sir John Byron also haunted the house. He’s sometimes spotted under his portrait reading. Lord Byron’s writings include Don Juan and his works remain influential to this day. More…

Newstead Abbey Haunted
Image: Newstead Abbey – Public Domain

Haw Branch Plantation

Amelia County, Virginia – Another of the real haunted houses a peculiar painting that hung there over the fireplace. The painting changed colors on its own, morphing from a charcoal drawing to a vividly painted portrait. Legend has it that the person in the painting, who died before it was complete, was able to control the work of art from the other side. Disembodied laughter and voices murmur in the vicinity of the portrait. Screams shriek in the attic, although they seem to be under control now. This is a private residence.

Chatham Manor

Fredericksburg, Virginia – This antebellum mansion is the site of a former slave rebellion. Several slaves revolted and turned the tables on their overseer. They brutally whipped him, only to be captured afterward, a fate none of them escaped. They either died trying to escape or were killed or deported. A station for Union soldiers and later a hospital for the wounded during the Civil War, a Lady in White haunts the place. She walks the grounds there. More…

Ballechin House

Perthshire, Scotland – Major Robert Steuart lived in this house for years after inheriting it. He was a dog lover and in his will, he specified that he would come back after death as one of his dogs. Once he died, the heir to his estate didn’t like the idea of their uncle coming back to live with them, so he had all the dogs shot. This left the Major without a vessel to return to and was forced to roam the house as a spirit. Voices and explosions have been heard in the house. It was eventually lost to fire and destroyed. More…

The Whaley House

San Diego, California – You may have heard of this one in your search for real haunted houses. It was built on the site of an old gallows where a man named Yankee Jim was hanged. After the house was built in 1857, the family would hear heavy footfalls which they claimed were those of Yankee Jim.  The Whaley’s had six children, of which one committed suicide in 1885. She’d been abandoned by her groom who supposedly only married her for money. The young woman couldn’t live with the ensuing embarrassment.  There are many ghosts who supposedly haunt the Whaley House and the above are but two of them. To find out more and to get a glimpse of the ghosts for yourself, the Whaley House offers tours for a reasonable price.

Jennie Wade House

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania – Jennie Wade was a civilian, killed in the Civil War when a stray bullet passed through her home and struck her in the back. She was baking bread at the time she was killed. The house on Baltimore street happened to be situated in the thick of the fighting and she was hit by a stray bullet in a somewhat freakish way. Soldiers had warned her and her sister’s family to leave the house as they were in danger, but the folks unfortunately refused. The house is now a museum, open for tours.  Apparitions, cold spots, and inexplicable smells have been experienced in the house, among other things.  More…

Winchester Mystery House

San Jose, California – Sarah Winchester was the widow of William Wirt Winchester, maker of the famous Winchester rifle. When her wealthy husband died of tuberculosis in 1881, she inherited the 20 million dollar estate. Legend has it, she consulted a medium who claimed to be channeling her husband in his death. Wirt told her to move and start building a house, but to continue building in order to satisfy all the ghosts created by the Winchester rifle.

Sarah bought the starter farmhouse and its acreage in California which is now San Jose. Over 38 years, she turned the farmhouse into a 160-room, 7-story tall house now known as Winchester Mystery House. With all the ghosts tell her what to do, Sarah built a very weird house that many claim to be a real haunted house.

Duff Green Mansion

Vicksburg, Mississippi – The home of Duff Green was built in 1856 for his finance. It was (and is) a grand manor, built in the antebellum-style. Designed for lavish entertaining, it was struck numerous times by cannon fire in the American Civil War, after which it was designated as a hospital to treat victims of the conflict. Many people died there and among the ghosts sighted are a young child and a Confederate soldier. More…

Duff Green Mansion
Duff Green Mansion Image Courtesy of James Butters, Wikimedia Commons

Fitz Manor

Shropshire, England – this is a very old house, dating back to the 1400s. It is haunted by a priest who was harshly punished for inappropriate sexual affiliations. Whether his tortured soul is the one making the sobbing sounds or the ghosts of those present at the time he was killed, is open for interpretation. You can find the house’s historical entry here:

Aberglasney House

Wales – This real haunted house dates back to medieval times. It has been passed to several owners. It is reputedly very active paranormally and thought to be haunted by one of the previous owners, as well as children who have died there.  Want to know more? More…

Chingle Hall

England – John Wall was brutally killed after refusing to disavow his faith. He was a priest who secretly practiced his Roman Catholic faith by holding secret Catholic masses at the house. This was at a time when being Catholic was highly illegal. After being caught, he was drawn and quartered. His head is rumored by some to be buried somewhere inside the house.  More

King House

Mayport, Florida – The area in Florida known as Mayport and North of the current-day Jacksonville has a very old history, dating back to before the discovery of America. The property was originally a site for Spanish. The house that is there now replaced an earlier one that burned down. Numerous ghosts reportedly haunt the place, like a sailor, but some, like the Lady in White, didn’t actually die there. She came from down the beach after drowning on the nearby jetty rocks.

Leith Hall

Scotland – This manor house, built in 1650 is haunted by an apparition who has appeared with bloody bandages on its head, a man who appears to be in great pain. Many believe this to be the ghost of Laird John Leith III, who was killed in a bar fight on Christmas Day 1763. More…

Leith Hall
Image: Bill Harrison via Wikimedia (edited for contrast)

Powel House

Philadelphia – Historically significant due to its role in the American Revolutionary War, several prominent figures are haunting this great Georgian Mansion on the former Society Hill. Maybe you’ve heard of them?

McLoughlin House

Oregon City, Oregon – The paranormal activity in this place began once the owners’ graves were moved away from the property. Their presence has been spotted either by the smell of pipe tobacco or the movement of the porch rocking chair, but other apparitions have been seen, too.

Villisca House

Villisca, Iowa – This is a prime example of real haunted houses getting all too real.  It was the site of a mass murder in 1912. The entire Moore family was stabbed to death in the middle of the night and their murderer was never found. Disembodied voices have been heard inside the house as well as reports of items flying through the air. This house is available for overnight stays and is a popular spot for paranormal investigators.  Read more about Villisca Axe Murder House…

Rotherwood Mansion

Tennessee – One of the ghosts here is said to be Joshua Phipps, a previous owner of the place and a man with a reputation for being cruel and ruthless to his slaves. It is thought that he is the source of the maniacal laughter and cruel tricks that occur to people inside the house. The other ghost is possible of Rowena, whose fiance drowned in the nearby river. Out of sadness, she committed suicide and is believed to be the lady who haunts the grounds outside the mansion. More…

Edgar Allan Poe House

Baltimore, Maryland – This is a small house, in which the great poet and Master of Macabre resided for a time. Poe lived in the attic of this stunning example of real haunted houses. In current times, strange happenings have been witnessed in the place. Things like lights ascending the stairs as if someone were moving upstairs, holding a candle. Upon investigation, no one is found to be home. An elderly woman dressed in the garb of bygone times has been witnessed. Although most accounts of sightings don’t feel that Poe is the ghost they’re seeing, he has been spotted at his writing desk doing what he does best.

Minnick Manor

Averill Park, New York – This haunting is baffling because there have been no eventful deaths on the property. However, recent owners have witnessed radios playing music on their own when not turned on and not to the station that worldly it. The sound of people in the attic and the family pet reacting to someone who isn’t there are among some of the other phenomena experienced there.

Van Wickle House

New Jersey –  This house pre-dates the Revolutionary War, so it’s very old. It’s been restored and remodeled several times. There is a cemetery on the property, so that may have something to do with the haunting phenomena people have experienced. Among the experiences are animals reacting to things that aren’t there, knockings, items being moved by unseen hands, misty figures appearing to people in the house and noises heard in the attic.

Schweppe Mansion

Illinois – Schweppes mansion is a beautifully restored, early 20th century “gilded age” mansion in a suburb of Chicago known as Lake Forest.  When considering real haunted houses, it’s hard to believe this is one of them. The owner, Charles Schweppe and his wife were heavily in spiritualism and possibly many other occult activities. She died an untimely death in 1937 that he never recovered from, committing suicide in 1941.  It is said that both their spirits still haunt the bedroom and study.  He is often seen in his favorite chair, smoking a cigar.  More…

Brumder Mansion

Milwaukee – Brumder mansion was built in 1910 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A massive though elegant structure of brick, it was home to numerous businessmen and a bootlegger as well. The hauntings seem to be mainly attached to the extensive collection of figurines and art objects that festoon the interior of the house. Many of the houses former residents seem to be sticking around and enjoy pranking the many tourists who come through the place to view it.

Joshua Ward House

Salem, Massachusetts – Haunted by several ghosts, this is the site of an extremely violent torture and execution of an accused witch who refused to confess or submit. More…

Renishaw Hall

Built in 1625, numerous ghosts have been reported in this magnificent manor house by various unrelated people who didn’t know of the hauntings. Some claim that a mysterious object found in the floor may be one reason for the spirits who live there. Read about it here.

The Dakota Building

This is a real haunted house, made famous by a classic horror film. It is a magnificent apartment building that was the home of a legendary musician who lost his life to a gunman in the street. His spirit, along with several others, has been sighted here and will likely be there for a long time to come. Read about it here.

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