Haunted Aberglasney House

Aberglasney House is a very ancient manor that goes all the way back to medieval times. The house is situated in an area that witnessed many gruesome and bloody battles of the medieval period. It has a long and turbulent history, with lots of “accidental” and untimely deaths and sudden, unexpected financial ruin.  The house as it exists now was built in 1600, but there were 10 generations of families that lived there before. Unfortunately there are no records of these families.

Many of the nearby fields still reflect the conflicted and bloody history of the area. With names such as Cae Tranc (Field of Vengance) or Cae’r Ochain (Field of Groaning) history becomes the present. The history of England and Wales is filled with blood, injustice, revenge and betrayal.  No wonder the place has so many ghosts.

Aberglasney’s Haunting History

Aberglasney’s history as a “cursed” house really begins around 1650. It was then when five young maids were found dead in the newly remodeled and re-plastered “Blue Room”.  It may have been the charcoal fire left burning to dry the plaster. Or it may have been fumes emitted from the drying plaster itself. Prior to this witnesses reported seeing what appeared to be five disembodied lit candles floating through the air.

These five girls may have made a second appearance in the 1930s when workers were clearing ivy off of the outside of the house. The worker who cleared the ivy away from one the windows of the “Blue Room” (which had become completely grown over) came clambering down his ladder in a panic when he saw five young women, all dressed in Victorian garb, staring at him from the now cleared window.

Pidgeon Wood, located immediately behind the house, was the scene of the killing of a fugitive, who apparently was shot there. People entering the wood mention feeling extreme fear and coldness. The identity of the fugitive is not known.

Throughout its history many of the residents there have suffered from financial ruin, being forced into selling the place. There were also instances of children dying early and so leaving no one to inherit the house when the owner passed on. It has a reputation of being a place of bad luck and ill fortune.


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