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The holy grail of the paranormal is to find real life ghost videos, because that’s what we’re all looking for, isn’t it? To find proof of the afterlife, a hint at the other side, and to finally put to rest, the debate on whether or not ghosts really exist?

Ghost on Camera Image

There is a lot of what could be called paranormal material out there, but a lot of it is not.  I’m putting together this collection of what I would call real life ghost videos because they are very convincing. If ghosts scare you, then this page will completely freak you out.

What does it take to catch a ghost on film?  Good equipment, patience and a lot of faith. Some people find ghosts everywhere, but some people also have over-active imaginations. Not everyone encounters sightings and those that do sometimes have to wait hours and hours or just get lucky.  True ghost videos tend to be rare.

Some people conclude that this rarity proves that ghosts don’t exist.  Others think that maybe it’s because capturing ghosts on camera is not as easy as one may think.  I’m on the lookout for true paranormal footage and will post it for you on this site when I find it.

Meantime, enjoy the real ghost videos I have found and judge for yourself.  At this point, it’s all still considered speculation until someone comes up with an exact, indisputable science on the matter.

Posted on Youtube by rsturbo240bhp, this highlights a hospital ghost, originally posted by the site

This next one was posted by Psychic I, and it shows a segment of wall in a darkened room. You really need to watch this one with the lights off because I just tried re-watching in daylight and the video is too dark to see.  However, with the lights off, you can see a face on the wall, changing shape before your eyes.  This is not one of those fake-looking videos.  Check it out!

Nuke’s Top 5 posted this collection of top 5 real paranormal video clips that are quite compelling. What’s unique about this collection, is that the clips tend to be older – a lot older than Youtube. The significance of this is that the footage isn’t as easily faked as it now, since there were no programs back then to manipulate film like there is today. Also, keep in mind, the paranormal craze hadn’t happened yet and since there was no Youtube, there was no vested interest to create fake videos. Are these clips real? Take a look and decide for yourself.

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