The Ghosts of Renishaw Hall.

The story of the Renishaw ghosts takes place in England’s Renishaw Hall and goes back hundreds of years. It actually sounds like something out of a horror movie.

Before we start, how would you react if you discovered a coffin underneath your floorboards?  Especially if  the house you lived in was almost 400 years old?  Well, that’s pretty much what happened, so read on to learn more

Renishaw Hall
By Kate (deedsofthedanes) via Wikimedia Commons

The Story

Renishaw Hall has been passed down to Sitwell heirs from generation to generation pretty much continuously since it was built in 1625. Take a look at the picture above. It’s a gorgeous place, the kind that folks like me dream about inheriting. (Hey, I can dream! Who wouldn’t want to discover a long-lost uncle with a big house he wants to pass down to somebody? It could happen and somebody’s gotta do it.)

Anyway, Renishaw is huge–5,000-acres-of-land-huge–and it’s old. Many of its heirs/owners have put their own touches on the place via remodeling, changing paint colors, and upgrading or adding to the structure. In the 1880s, Sir George Sitwell expanded the grand staircase by reworking some bedrooms and incorporating them into the space. During the renovation, workmen discovered a coffin in the floor, firmly lodged between the floor joists.

Yep. You heard right.  It was underneath the floor and held in place by iron clasps. The thing appeared to be from the 17th century. The coffin had no lid though, because there was no room for it. The space wasn’t tall enough, so the floor acted as the lid. That’s strange. And creepy. But creepier still is the fact that there was hair and clothing found inside… which indicated that at one time someone had been inside the box. Now, though, the body was gone.

At any rate, some believe this coffin discovery contributes greatly to the legendary hauntings in the house  and I would tend to agree! I’ve never been there, or to England, but mysterious and ill-placed containers for dead people sure sound like a catalyst for paranormal activity to me. It’s a no-brainer in my book!

So, we’ve got this weird coffin, right? Now let’s look at the various ghostly activities at “The Hall.”

The Renishaw Ghosts

Prior to the staircase renovation, ghosts were reported in the disassembled bedroom that had previously sat on top of the coffin.  Get this – these reports came from people who didn’t know about the coffin find.  In fact, there were so many ghosts reported near that location near the staircase that it started being called the “Ghost Passage.”

On other occasions, women reported being kissed by an unseen-somebody.  On still other occasions, women reported being touched, but when they turned around, nobody was there.

Some people believe this kissing ghost is “The Boy in Pink,” who is portrayed in a painting at Renishaw Hall. They say the ghost is that boy who died in his teens there.  He’s not regarded as a threat to anyone, just enjoys being “affectionate” or (amorous or whatever he’s doing). 😉

Some of the Sitwell family denied the existence of ghosts, but Sir Reresby Sitwell once admitted that the house had been exorcised several times, so there have been some who more than acknowledge the presence of spirits within the walls of the great manor.

Other sightings include the shape of a woman, either standing in the center of the room or walking down a corridor near the staircase.

The great historical house is fully functional and the family still lives there. They do offer tours as well as a venue for weddings. There is a cafe that is open to the public and other attractions, like a fabulous garden at the house. In fact, the gardens are reknown for their splendorous beauty.

You can visit the house and take a tour. Maybe you’ll get to see the ghost yourself?

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