The Waiting: A Supernatural Thriller

by Joe Hart

I’m a member of Amazon Prime as well as Kindle Unlimited. I highly recommend Amazon for its Kindle services. You can read their e-books on a dedicated Kindle device or by using their free app on your computer, tablet or smartphone. I read much more using Kindle, than I ever have before.

Browsing through the Kindle Unlimited selections, I came across the story, The Waiting: A Supernatural Thriller, by Joe Hart. I found it to be a great read, so I’m providing the info here for anyone else who loves to read ghost stories.

This ghost story is about a man named Evan who is the sole parent to his son, Shaun. Evan is left to raise his son alone after his wife loses a long, painful battle to cancer. While she was ill, Evan Evan desperately attempted her life by raising money for her treatment. Unfortunately when you’re overcome with grief and stress, you don’t think quite right and Evan raises the funds by pilfering money from the company he works for.

This leads to Evan losing his job, but worse than that, he loses his hard-earned reputation and finds himself in veritable ruin. No wife, no job. On top of that, his child is an invalid, having been brain-injured in a car accident. Needless to say, future prospects are less than dim for Evan.

On the bright side, Jason, a long-time friend invites Evan to take care of his remote island cabin for a month. At first Evan refuses, but eventually he changes his mind and heads off with Shaun to the cabin, taking a boat to the island and plans on a two-month stay.

Shortly after arriving, it is discovered that the earlier caretaker just up and vanished one day, never to be seen again. Also discovered is a strange doll in the basement as well as an old, mysterious clock. It’s a monstrous clock, adorned with ominous carvings in deep, dark wood.

In addition to the doll and the clock, strange things begin to occur and Evan begins to believe they’re not really alone at the cabin. Or else he’s beginning to lose his mind.

Or both.

Being a writer in need of a good lead, when Evan learns there is a history behind the clock, he is compelled to uncover the entire story. But the more he learns, the more he is drawn into the clock and its dark force…

This book is a fast read and a deliciously scary ghost story. Joe Hart is a very good writer and after reading this, book, you’ll likely follow his new releases.

There is some gore so be prepared for that. But ghost story lovers should enjoy this book as good ghost stories are fairly rare.

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