Security Cam Ghost Videos

Every once in awhile, someone catches what they think is a security cam ghost. They’ll have a camera mounted on the side of a building or in the corner of the hall in front of the elevators, and out of the blue, something will occur that looks very, very paranormal.

Sometimes these videos get picked up and placed on a news site somewhere and people think they’re official. But don’t be fooled. Many times what you see on security cameras are actually insects crawling across the lens. It looks odd because the insect is filmed at very close range and its movements are rigid so it doesn’t really look like a bug.

Now just because that sometimes happens doesn’t mean that all security cam footage is security “scam” footage. One would have to look at every single inch of tape to determine that and some samples are more real than others.

Here are a few samples of footage in this genre that I think are interesting. I can’t guarantee they’re all real, but that’s what this is all about. I want you to look and see for yourself.  Bugs? Camera tricks? Build your critical thinking skills and debunk these videos.


Security Cam Ghost in a Bar

In this video, something flits back and forth across the bar. You can see it as a dark shadow or a blur. It could actually be something in the bar at night after it closed.  However, if you notice the time stamp, you will see that the seconds appear to be sped up. It actually could just be the person working behind the bar. Another oddity is how the camera appears to move.

While this is interesting footage, it leaves many questions unanswered. What do you think?

(My thanks to CasperWeb Tv at YouTube for this video!)





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