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Shadow People

Are you afraid of the dark? If so, there’s probably good reason, because it’s on the skirts of darkness that these shadow peopls are most frequently reported. Shadowy silhouettes in darkened corners is the phenomenon I’m talking about. And just the kind of thing to make you want to sleep with a flashlight under your pillow. heh heh

What is a shadow person? Is it a ghost?  The answer is not so simple.

Shadows have always been a fact of life. Back in the days of old, lighting the night was expensive, save for fireplaces and short-lived torches made of animals and their fat, which for ages meant that most of man’s activities were dictated by the rise and set and of the sun. Fuel for illumination was not plentiful and once the sun went down, darkness prevailed. With the advent of whale oil, lighting became more available, but kerosene was really the point at which people were able to start operating in the dark once the night fell.

In modern times, electricity is relatively cheap, so we have the ability to light our homes and brush away the murky curtains of night with the flip of a switch. Even still, reports of these mysterious entities occur, giving modern meaning to the ancient term shade – another word for “ghost” or any being from the other side.

Most sightings of shadow people occur from the corner of the eye, while turning one’s head, or when looking the other way. Therefore, skeptics conclude that these dark beings are figments of the imagination, the product of sleep deprivation or the result of too much wine. But some people claim to see them head on, which begs other explanation.

They can be described as darkened areas of a room, dark silhouettes or shaded impressions in areas that normally aren’t. They can appear as “smudges” on film. Some believe they are sentient entities, while others believe they could be spiritual remains of people from the past. Still others believe they are malevolent or demonic with perhaps, all of the above being true, depending upon the circumstances.

Elusive, menacing and definitely frightening, the shadow people videos below deal with this being. Watch and see for yourself. Whether they’re real or not, they’re certainly compelling. I’ll try to find you more.

Documentary Footage

This first clip is from a documentary that delves into the subject. It’s a good place to garner some understanding.


Shadow Person Footage

This is the creepy image of what Spooky Shivers believes is a shadow person. The image was caught at the end of a long hall. You can see the black shape, although the film is quite grainy. Not 100% convincing, but good fodder for the imagination.


Possible Apparition from Paranormal Investigation

Next, HCGhosthunters captures this footage of a possible apparition moving past the camera. If you look at the video time counter, wait until it reaches 1:18. At that point, you can see a mist moving across the screen. This was captured by HCGhosthunters during a Texas paranormal investigation where residents had reported seeing a little girl and possible shadow people at the property.


Another Possible Apparition

This video will be moved, but for now you can watch it here. It’s footage of a possible apparition. It’s a very short clip from PASTInvestigations who believes this is a possible apparition at Swarkstone Bridge. Commentators believe it is headlights reflecting off the water or possibly smoking. What do you think?


Possible Apparition from a Poltergeist House

This is an interesting video clip taken in a house known for poltergeist activity. Thanks to Denis Dohndt for this video.


Shadow People Documentary Footage

This video is a documentary starring William Shatner. An interesting watch.





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