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Hey all you horror freaks, looking for short scary stories online!  Are you hooked on adrenaline and in need of a thrill, or are you just bored and in need of something to shock you out of it? Whatever brought you here, don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place.


Back in the day, people would sit around telling stories to scare the daylights out of their friends and families. It would grow dark and dinner would be done. The group would gather round, sometimes in front of a fire. Stories were told and retold, often added to and embellished. That was all before TV and radio.


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Scary stories for your worst nightmares 


These days we have the Internet, so we go a step beyond the older technologies and find new ways to scare. If you have time for a movie, this list of haunted house movies can help you find one. If you enjoy relaxing with a book, you can find one here. But if you what a quick scare for your evening’s entertainment, choose a selection from the list below. There’s plenty of terror right here.


For the nightmare newbie (also known as the uninitiated), there are many, many different ways to get scared. You could watch a scary movie, or read a scary book. For you less sedentary types, you could also go hang-gliding or rock climbing.  But reading is good for you and sometimes it’s better to read something short. Unlike a book or a novel, you can get to the ending more quickly and don’t have to wait to get to the scary parts of the story.


Personally, I enjoy short scary stories or short ghost stories, but they can be hard to find when you’re looking for them. Have you ever checked out a book from the library or bought one from Amazon, only to discover that it wasn’t what you thought, or it wasn’t scary at all? Here at Ghosts2Stories, you get to read just about everything right here, online so if you don’t like it, no worries.


Don’t worry about time or gas, either. You can surf in your jammies and cuddle up in your favorite chair. No need to even go out. Now that’s going to save you some money, time and energy, for sure!


In case you haven’t noticed, not every scary story is a horror story. Mysteries make great short scary stories, especially when the story is on the dark side or in a spooky setting. Thrillers and suspense also make good scary stories. Psychological thrillers are those stories about psychos that make for much nail-biting. Ever seen the movie Cape Fear? It’s very scary in places, but it’s certainly not a horror flick. There are also short ghost stories which you can find here, but they’re not always horror, either. So I rest my case.


If you’re ready to start reading, choose a link from the selection below, sit back and enjoy. If you have your own scary story to share, you can send it in with the form below. We’d all like to read it. (Note: all submitted stories must be original and cannot be duplicated anyplace else. Sorry, but that’s the way it has to be online these days.)


Other Short Scary Stories

The short stories below make for a brilliant evening of bone-chilling entertainment. They are easy to read and can be finished in an evening. Great for insomniacs who can’t sleep.


Get your scares without having to wait days for the thrilling climax. Better than television and often better than movies, reading books is good for you. These are books I have read personally. I’m passing them on as suggestions so you can find something quickly.


You can find these on Amazon Kindle. Anybody can download these low cost stories and enjoy them on their computer or mobile device, even if they don’t own a Kindle. There is free software available so you can turn your pc into an e-reader.



by Vincent Hobbes

Two couples go away for the weekend and find themselves lost in a snowstorm. After running out of gas, destined to spend the night in the cold, the men take it upon themselves to hike to the nearest town for gas and aid. What they find there is so evil and terrifying, a frozen night in the car would have been a much better fate. This story is very easy to read and moves quickly. The ending sneaks up behind you with a terrifying grip. Excellent read if you like to be scared.



by Paul Melhuish

When people die they’re supposed to rest in peace. But when they won’t stay down, life gets rough for the living. This short story portrays what happens after a loved one dies but conitnues to roam. Does that sound a bit on the morbid side? It is, but it works. This is a creepy-good scare.



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