Stillwell: A Haunting On Long Island

I’m really getting into these Kindle Unlimited books and found another one called Stillwell: A Haunting on Long Island  by an author named Michael Phillip Cash.

Interestingly, but it’s another ghost story about a man who lost his wife to cancer, only this time, the man’s name is Paul. And Paul has a brood of children to whom he is now become the sole parent. (Wow, so many stories about single parents these days! Here’s another one.)

Anyway, Paul’s wife, Allison, died a painful death as the doctors tried everything they could to save her from the brain tumor that took over their lives. One by one, every treatment option failed and Allison left this world, taking with her the energies and some of the best years they had waiting for them. Devastated by his loss, Paul attempts to pick up the pieces and begin moving on.

Assisted by his loving family members Paul begins the task of caring for his children alone, something which his wife had done mainly by herself. The day he returns to work at the Real Estate office in town, he scores a new listing for a house owned by the wealthy Andrews’ family. Their estate, called Stillwell, was nearly 300 years old and situated on acres of prime real estate. From his very first visit to the property, Paul learns first-hand that the estate is haunted although he himself thinks that spirituality, the paranormal, etc., is a complete crock. The eerie thing about this ghost is, it looks exactly like his deceased wife, save a few differences in appearance.

The house has a bad reputation for being the site of a murder-suicide since the former owner killed his wife and then himself. Being haunted on top of it was going to make the sale nearly impossible and Paul really needed to get back into the swing of being a productive member of the real estate team and bread winner for his family. He had to try to mitigate the house’s bad reputation.

Hiring a psychic, he has the house “cleansed,” but the psychic also makes contact with Allison from the other side. Is Allison being held captive by a demon in the Afterlife? Paul undertakes the task to find out and heads to Stillwell to investigate, only to be confronted by the ghost that lives there and the demon holding Allison hostage.

This book is a very fast read and highly entertaining to read. It’s the second novel for Michael Phillip Cash, and judging by the quality of his writing, he’s got a great career ahead of him. I’ll definitely be reading more of his books.

If you’re interested in reading this book, I found it here.

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