The Marsh Movie 2006

“Steer clear of the marsh, you can get lost in there pretty quick.”

That line, from the movie, The Marsh, will give you a hint at where its scares originate. Simply put, this is a decent film and if you’re looking for a haunted house movie, this might be one you’d enjoy.

Here’s the Plot

A writer of children’s books rents a house in order to acquire inspiration. The house is a gorgeous brick farm house with an artist studio perfect for concentrating and coming up with her next book idea. But after moving in, weird things happen and she starts seeing people, like a teenage boy and a young girl. One day, she looks under the couch and finds the business card of a paranormal consultant. Very convenient, because she looks him up and he helps her unravel the mysteries that await them both . . .

Why is the house the same exact house she imagined in her painting? Who are the ghosts she seeing and why is she the one seeing them?

Here Are the Pros and Cons

The scenery is great and it has some fairly well-known actors. For example, Forest Whitaker (The Crying Game, Phenomenon, Panic Room) plays the paranormal consultant. The leading lady, Gabrielle Anwar (Burn Notice, The Three Musketeers, Scent of a Woman), is quite lovely. So is the house and surrounding countryside.

However, the some of the special effects are completely overblown, damaging the movie’s credibility.  It’s hard to get scared when it’s obviously the effects are fake.  Also, the acting is spotty and so is the script.

The Verdict

While this movie won’t be memorable for most people, it’s not the worst film you could watch.


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